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Eneagrama Algeciras

Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy works with the awareness of what is happening in the “here and now” on the mental, emotional and physical level. The therapist accompanies you in your awareness process and helps you to integrate your new insights.

Terapia Gestalt Algeciras

Systemic therapy

The family system consists of our parents and ancestors. It works as an inner image, outside of our conscious perception, in our feelings, desires, thoughts, actions and even in our consciences. The recognition of the inner picture is important in order to recognize and solve dinamics.

Terapia Gestalt Tarifa


When we have a traumatic experience, the brain cannot process what it has experienced and the incident remains stored in our brain as a kind of “neurological node”. EMDR helps process the experience. Many people feel that the memory is now a thing of the past and that it no longer affects your life.